How to dress women in politics

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Formed in previous years with a questionable stylistic point of view, the image of women in Ukrainian politics will be able to fix a new generation of domestic power women.

It is no secret that some of the fairer sex in Ukrainian politics misunderstand the claim that a person taking part in the elections, is obliged to take care of its visual appeal. ladies are not shy in authority appear in satin corsets, transparent blouses and lace mittens at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, to dress up in leather shorts in the official events or in total look from Chanel – a visit to the orphanage. Here are a few examples of the world’s women politicians with great taste!

“Time business suit, Margaret Thatcher, who served for a whole generation of women with men in business meetings, is long gone,” – says Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour. JS offers check whether the words of one of the most influential figures in the fashion world of reality, and offers to recall the style of the most prominent representatives of big politics.



The former first lady, and now one of the most promising US politicians Hillary Clinton can not be imagined without strict business suits. Solid Trousering deuce straight cut has become the trademark of the ex-Senator Clinton. At the time, her fans even made palette «Hillary rainbow», consisting of 40 shades suits their idol.

And although experts have repeatedly noted that the excessive love of the trouser deuce Mrs. Clinton creates a too conservative image and advised her to pay attention to the midi-skirt and high heels, Hillary remains true to his own style and continues to conquer the summit of power in your favorite plain suits.


Peng Liyuan wearing military jackets with epaulettes, not only in the name of fashion, but also because of their official duties. But who said it should not be done in style? At other times, the wife of the chairman chooses a form-fitting jackets, reviving their flower brooches and skirts Jolly colors.


One of the most influential women in South America – Argentine President Cristina Kirchner is not afraid to look femininity. She did not just accept that the choice of dresses for her – a real therapy. Christina prefers outfits and an emphasis on the waist and tries to avoid clothes with puffed sleeves – according to the president, this style visually distorts the proportions of her figure. Argentines are really proud of fashion savvy in matters of the head of state, though she put the blame too much commitment to the European fashion houses and the neglect of the national fashion industry.


Valerie Trierweiler, a former common-law wife of French President Francois Hollande, recently hinted that it is also going to try his hand at politics. Do journalist Will break out in Parliament – the time will show, but its formal wardrobe should look now. Fortunately, the occasions to check on Valerie knowledge of etiquette protocol were many – for two years Trierveyler Acting First Lady of France.


Several times Michelle Obama graced the cover of Vogue and, according to fashion experts, these first lady has ever had. Her style – it experiments with floral prints and bold bright colors. Turquoise, indigo, terracotta and other saturated shades to her, no doubt, to his face.

Although apart from them Michelle prefers dark and monochrome black, brown, purple. The clothes Michelle chooses outfits promising young American designers, this Jason Wu, Gap, H & M. Fashion for her “funny game”, as she once confessed in an interview with Vogue. So we have all the prerequisites to see Michelle Obama in an extraordinary role.


She is a girl from a very ordinary family, the daughter of journalist Jesus Ortiz Jose of Oviedo. Even before he met with Prince worked on Spanish television channels such as CNN + and on the well-known person has been in journalistic circles. But after meeting with Felipe she was forced to quit her job and move to the royal palace.

Her style since then not much has changed. Strong suits that Letizia wore for the esters are now suitable for official meetings. And at receptions princess always appeared in elegant dresses. Her favorite designer is a Spanish fashion designer Felipe Varela.


The wife of Prince Abdulaziz bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Saud regularly attending fashion weeks, the princess is almost never appears in the same way twice. Choosing clothes and shoes, it primarily prefers brands represented in its boutique. Most of them – young designers like Hugo Matha, Sophie Theallet, Lisa Marie Fernandez, Dina things which combines with Haider Ackermann, Calvin Klein, Giambattista Valli, Gianvito Rossi and jewelery Delfina Delletrez mixed with the classic Cartier.

Her style – from luxurious, almost evening dresses, bizarre-looking day, to the most simple shirts and skirts – always maintained in the same proportions: open a short top and a long skirt or trousers covering the legs.

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