The Philosophy of Brand

Thinking about the ways of displaying modern woman’s style and individuality, which are combining both woman’s identity and integrity, we have created the brand MAZINI, that represents elegance, beauty and excellency of each lady, who wants to look perfectly wherever she is, either she is at work, or among friends, whether she is with her beloved or she is just in a cafe, drinking a cup of aromatic espresso!

MAZINI Fashion Studio is a young team, which creates and develops the image of a stylish and successful Woman of the XXI-st century in accordance with her natural identity.

Our goal is to make feel each woman luxurious, stylish and at the same time unembarrassed, whether she is at work, among friends, with a beloved or just in a cafe, drinking a cup of aromatic espresso.

Our team consists of young and energetic professionals, who share the philosophy of the company.

In creating new collections, we use the best Italian fabrics and trends in fashion, applying modern equipment and manual work to create qualitative and exclusive products.

We rely on principles, which are based on the perfect quality in tailoring our products and the satisfaction to all of the requirements, that modern woman imposes for the integrity and exclusivity of her wardrobe, keeping ones time and budget. We will always do our best for being MAZINI corresponded to all advanced technologies and modern trends in fashion. You will take a great pleasure from the perfect purchase!


MAZINI Fashion Studio