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User agreement


1.1. This User agreement (hereinafter – the Agreement) refers to the “MAZINI” Internet-shop site located at the address, as well as to all corresponding sites connected with the site www.

1.2. The “MAZINI” Internet-shop site (hereinafter – the Site) is the property of the “Prosnitska Tetiana” .

1.3. This Agreement regulates relationships between the Administration of the “MAZINI” Internet-shop site (hereinafter – the Site administration) and the User of this site.

1.4. Administration of the site reserves the right to change, add or remove points hereof at any time without notification to the User.

1.5. Continuation of using the Site by the User means accepting the Agreement and amendments contributed hereto.

1.6. User is personally responsible for checking this Agreement if there are any changes available.


2.1. The terms mentioned below have the following meaning for the aims hereof:

2.1.1 «MAZINI» – Internet-shop located at the www. domain name conducting its activity through the Internet-resource and services following it.

2.1.2. Internet-shop – site containing information about the Goods and Seller allowing choosing, ordering and (or) purchasing the Goods.

2.1.3. Site administration of the Internet-shop – workers authorized for ruling a Site acting on behalf of the organization.

2.1.4. Site user of the Internet-shop (hereinafter – the User) – a person having access to the Site through the Internet or using the Site.

2.1.5. The content of Internet-shop (hereinafter – the Content) – protected results of intellectual activity, including the texts of literary works, their titles, prefaces, annotations, articles, illustrations, covers, musical works with or without text, graphics, text, photographic, derivatives, components and other works, user interfaces, visual interfaces, names of trademarks, logos, computer programs, databases, as well as the design, structure, selection, coordination, appearance, overall style and layout of the Contents which is part of the Site and other intellectual property collectively and/or individually contained on the Internet-shop site.


3.1. Subject of the present Agreement is providing the User of the Internet-shop with access to the Goods contained on the site and services provided.

3.2. Access to the Internet-shop shall be provided for free.

3.3. This Agreement is public offer. Getting access to the Site the User is deemed to be joint to this Agreement.

3.4. Using the materials and services of the Site is governed by the standards of the current law of Ukraine.


4.1. Site administration is entitled:

4.1.1. To change the rules of using the Site as well as to change the content of this Site. Amendments enter into force from the moment of publication of the Agreement new edition on the Site.

4.1.2. To limit access to the Site in case the User broke the conditions hereof.

4.2. The User is entitled:

4.2.1. To get access to using the Site after following the registration requirements.

4.2.2. To use all the services available at the Site, as well as to purchase any Goods offered on the site.

4.2.3. To ask any questions concerning the Internet-shop services using the details set in the Site section “___________”.

4.2.4. To use the Site exclusively for the aims and in the way provided by the Agreement and not prohibited by the law of Ukraine.

4.3. The Site User is obliged:

4.3.1. To provide upon a request of the Administration additional information which directly concerns the services provided at this Site.

4.3.2. To comply with the proprietary and non proprietary rights of authors and other right holders using the Site.

4.3.3. To not take any measures which can be deemed as those breaking normal work of the Site.

4.3.4. To not distribute when using the Site any information about private individuals and legal entities which is confidential or protected by legislation of Ukraine.

4.3.5. To avoid any actions resulting from which confidentiality of the information protected by legislation of Ukraine can be broken.

4.3.6. To not use the Site for distributing information of advertisement nature otherwise than upon agreement of the Site administration.

4.3.7. To not use services of the Internet-shop with the aim:

4.3.7. 1. to upload content that is illegal, violates any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, hatred and (or) discrimination on racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, social sign; contains false information and (or) insults to specific individuals, organizations, authorities.

4.3.7. 2. to prompt to commit illegal actions, as well as to assist to people whose actions are directed at breaking limits and prohibitions acting at the territory of Ukraine.

4.3.7. 3. to break rights of underage people and (or) to cause damage to them in any form.

4.3.7. 4. to infringe upon the rights of minorities.

4.3.7. 5. to represent oneself as any other person or representative of an organization and (or) community without the rights for that including workers if this Internet-shop.

4.3.7. 6. to confuse concerning features and properties of any of the Goods in the Internet-shop catalogue displayed on the Site.

4.3.7. 7. to compare incorrectly the Goods, as well as to make negative attitude to people (not) using definite Goods or censuring such people.

4.4. The User is prohibited to:

4.4.1. Use any devices, programs, procedures, algorithms and methods, automatic devices or equivalent manual processes to access, purchase, copy or follow the Site content of this Internet-shop;

4.4.2. To break proper operating of the Site;

4.4.3. To avoid in any way the navigation structure of the Site to get or try to get any information, documents or materials by any means not provided specifically by the services of this Site;

4.4.4. To access unauthorized the Site options, any other systems or nets relating to this Site and also to any other services provided on the Site;

4.4.4. To break the system of security or authentication on the Site or any other net relating to the Site.

4.4.5. To make return search, to follow or to try to follow any information about another Site user.

4.4.6. To use the Site or its Content with any aims prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, as well as to incite to any illegal activity or other activity breaking the right of the Internet-shop or other people.


5.1. The Site and the Content constituting the Site belong and are governed by the Site administration.   

5.2. The Site content cannot be copied, published, displayed, transmitted or distributed in any way, as well as published in the global net “Internet” without prior written consent of the Site administration.

5.3. The Site content is protected by copyright, legislation on trademarks and other rights connected with intellectual property, as well as by legislation on unfair competition.

5.4. Purchasing the Goods offered by the Site can demand creating a registering record of the User.

5.5. The User is personally responsible for saving confidentiality of the registering record information including password, as well as for the whole activity being performed on User’s behalf.

5.6. The User must notify the Site administration immediately about unauthorized using his registering record or password or about any other breaking of security system.

5.7. The Site administration is entitled unilaterally to cancel the User’s registering record if it has not been used for more than 12 calendar months without notification by the User.

5.7. This Agreement covers all additional provisions and conditions about purchasing the Goods and providing services provided at the Site.

5.8. Information published at the Site should not be considered as amendments hereto.

5.9. The Site administration has the right at any time without notice to the User to make changes to the list of Goods and services offered on the Site and (or) in the prices applicable to such Goods for their implementation and (or) services rendered by the Internet-shop.

5.10. The documents referred to in paragraphs 5.10.1 – 5.10.4 of this Agreement shall govern in the relevant part and extend to the User’s use of the Site. This Agreement includes the following documents:

5.10.1. Confidentiality policy;

5.10.2. Goods sale-purchase agreement at a distance;

5.10.3. Application for placing an order;

5.10.4. Offers and remarks.

5.11. Изменения вступают в силу с момента их опубликования на Сайте. Any of the documents mentioned in point 5.10. hereof can be subject to upgrade. Amendments come into force from the moment they have been published on the Site.


6.1. Any loss that User may incur in the event of intentional or reckless violation of any provision hereof and as a result of unauthorized access to the communications of another User shall not be reimbursed by the Site administration.

6.2. The Site administration is not liable for:

6.2.1. Delays or failures in the process of transaction resulting from force majeure and any malfunction in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.

6.2.2. Actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and for delays associated with their work.

6.2.3. The proper functioning of the Site if the User does not have necessary technical means to use it and is under no obligation to provide users with such means.


7.1. The Site administration may disclose any information collected about the User of this Site unless disclosure is necessary in connection with an investigation or a complaint against the misuse of the Site or to determine (identify) the User who may break or interfere with the rights of the Site administration or the rights of other Site users.

7.2. The Site administration has the right to disclose any information about the User which is determined as necessary to implement provisions of the current legislation or court decisions, to enforce the Agreement, to protect the rights or safety of the organization name or Users.

7.3. The Site administration has the right to disclose the information about the User if current legislation of Ukraine demands or permits such disclosure.

7.4. The Site administration has the right without prior notice to the User to terminate and (or) block access to the Site if the User has violated this Agreement or conditions of using the Site contained in other documents, as well as in case of the Site termination or because of a technical problem or problems.

7.5. The Site administration shall not be liable to User or any third party for termination of access to the Site if the User violates any provision of this Agreement or any other document containing the terms of use.


8.1. In case of any disagreement or dispute between the Parties to this Agreement, a prerequisite before applying to the court is presentation of a claim (written proposal for voluntary settlement of a dispute).

8.2. The recipient of the claim within 30 calendar days from the date of its receipt shall notify the claimant in writing of the outcome of the claim.

8.3. If unable to resolve the dispute on a voluntary basis, any Party may apply to the court for protection of their rights which are granted to them by the laws of Ukraine.

8.4. Any action in respect of Site using conditions must be filed within 60 calendar days after the cause of action with the exception of copyright protection on Site Materials protected under the laws. Where the conditions of this paragraph are broken any claim or cause of action shall be cleared off by limitation period.


9.1. The Site administration does not accept counter offers from the User with respect to changes of this User Agreement.

9.2. User feedbacks posted on the Site are not confidential and may be used by the Site administration without restrictions.

September 20th, 2019