15 jolly image for the business woman

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The need to wear subdued colors and classic style does not mean that you can not look at this fashion: see examples of best streetstyle-strict, but bright images.

To prove that the office style and boredom – not the same thing, we have selected 15 of the best streetstyle-examples of how to dress strictly and fashionable at the same time. Get inspired!

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The most fashionable girl happy Dress as if immediately after the fashion show will go to the business meeting.

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Discreet shades, skirts below the knee, slacks, jackets of all kinds, classic shirts and other attributes of the office style, which many associate with the hated dress code, fit harmoniously into the image of the heroine streetstyle-reports and sometimes advantageous to allocate them to the general motley background.

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Origin: http:  //www.vogue.ru/fashion/streetstyle/55_neskuchnykh_obrazov_dlya_ofisa/#gallery2/39