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MAZINI FASHION STUDIO is Ukrainian women’s business clothing brand, developing the concept of a modern business style in drag.

Платье-футляр c v-образным вырезом черного цвета tvidovyj-kostyum-sero-korichnevogo-cveta-s-kontrastnoj-otdelkoj-2lim-1045x1500 kostyum-molochnogo-cveta-s-dvubortnym-zhaketom-1-kopiya-1045x1500 tvidovyj-kostyum-krasno-malinovogo-cveta-dekorirovannyj-kosoj-2-1045x1500udlinennaja-jubka-karandash-golubogo-cveta-4-1000x1500

Inspired by images of DIOR, studying the needs of business women in the functional and at the same time elegant clothes, we have developed and offer you a collection Osen_16 / Zima_17, which includes elegant coats and trench coats, suits and dresses emphasize the style and elegance, blouses made of natural fabrics . The collection contains at its core colors emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of Ukrainian landscape in the early autumn – leaves game paints, heat blue sky.

kostyum-s-dvubortnym-zhaketom-i-zauzhennymi-bryukami-cveta-marsala-1-1045x1500 pritalennyj-top-s-dlinnym-rukavom-zelenogo-cveta-4-1000x1500 kostyum-stalnogo-cveta-s-dvubortnym-zhaketom-i-pryamymi-bryukami-1-1045x1500 top-s-baskoj-chernogo-cveta-4top-prjamogo-silujeta-lilovogo-cveta-3-1000x1500

The principles that guide us in our work, based on impeccable quality in sewing women’s apparel business and meet all the requirements that apply to the modern woman functionality and exclusivity of his wardrobe, to save your time and your budget. We always and in everything we do to our business clothes correspond to the advanced technology and modern trends in fashion, and you enjoy the most out of the perfect purchase!