Fashion trends in office clothes

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It’s no secret that the office dress has a rigid framework. Before every working day a woman puzzles: “What should I wear today?”. Rigid rules of dress code does not allow you to fully diversify your image, that’s why, office style so attractive to big-name designers.

For the benefit of all the girls, the designers do not leave the office dress code is ignored. What’s new designers come up with fashionable clothes in office 2016-2017 year? There are many options, and they are all very attractive. Although the office dress code is not necessary to limit yourself, there is always a variety.

Trend №1

The business style of this year, at the peak of its popularity began to women’s suits with trousers, especially the free cut or “universal” size. Costumes with fitted jacket and narrow short trousers are still relevant. This season is to experiment with color. Now very popular pink, blue, white, red, green and purple.

Trend №2

Dress “Case” – a business dress is perfect for women with any type of shape, hide their shortcomings, with focuses on the graceful curves of the female. Such dresses are executed in all the colors and fabrics, and looks very harmoniously with many accessories.

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Trend №3

free cut clothes took her place under the sun in the autumn-winter collection 2016-2017. Designers have decided not to dwell on the costumes. Dresses free cut look is also excellent. The peculiarity of this style in muted colors, length midi or maxi and minimal decoration.

Trend №4

Pants with a jacket – the basis of business style. Trend 2017 – trousers with high or medium fit. The world is not standing still and more and more women are careerists, the trend is for such women.

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Trend №5

Many business women are not alien to the brightness of the dresses. It is for these women dresses with contrasting accents at the time! This feature is inherent in his pockets, collars and cuffs. The contrast in color and texture dresses look great on most women.

A few years ago, office clothes looked very bored, but today careerist, fashionable women are not threatened. The designers have worked on glory over many office images, allowing business women look stylish and fashionable.

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