Office dress code: clothes for business women from a young Ukrainian brand

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The old saying “You can not judge a book by its cover” may become relevant for business women. Because clothing can have a strong influence on his career in the business world today. And the West has long been proven that people tend to invest in a well-dressed man.

Nevertheless, today’s ideas about the dress code and how to dress for work, very confusing and cause difficulties, because each company makes its own rules and requirements.

One gets the impression that the office clothes have to be discreet, boring and strict. But how to dress stylishly and boring, while respecting the rules of business etiquette? How to keep your individuality and look perfect at work, and with friends, and at the event? These goals – to create women’s business clothing, and to develop the concept of a modern business style in fashion – set a young Ukrainian brand MAZINI.


When you create a clothing brand for women’s business comes from the core business of clothing styles that exist today – this Business Formal, Modern business and Business casual. Thus, depending on the requirements for clothing at work a woman can choose the suit that best fits the established dress code.

Given that most large enterprises adhere to strict business style (Business Formal), MAZINI Create brand classic business suits with double-breasted jacket and straight pants, as well as classic suits with a long pencil skirt.

If you have at work is encouraged Modern business, or casual business style, less stringent and demanding than the previous one, in this case, you will approach the classic jackets MAZINI with Basques, fabrics, and decorated with braids.


Office women’s dresses from the MAZINI so diverse that every business woman can find something that suits her. So, in MAZINI presented double-breasted dress jacket, dress with the smell, dress with a V-shaped neckline, with a contrasting belt, as well as dress-holder, which will make you slimmer. These dresses can be worn both at work and on the way out, choose the right accessories.

It is noteworthy that MAZINI extensive use of bright colors, and as green and red, and blue perfectly fit into the framework of business dress code, the main thing in their collections – beat them correctly.

For example, in MAZINI presented dresses with lace cuffs, dress with basques, dresses made of twill.

Pants – direct free cut with a high waist and a belt, and young girls can wear shorter, narrowed down model in combination with a strict jacket. If you think that the traditional office suit – it is just a skirt or pants classic cut combined with a blouse and jacket, you’re wrong.

Today, business attire for women may be executed in the form of a pair of shorts, a jacket.

Thus, the main MAZINI clothing line, namely classical and business, offers its customers a wide selection of business suits and dresses that will allow you to observe all the rules of dress code, as well as emphasize your style, personality, figure.

Today the brand has significantly expanded production, as it seeks to become the best manufacturer of garments for women’s business, not only in Ukraine but also abroad. European clothes made of fabric mainly made of natural fibers.


MAZINI clothes you can buy in Kiev at ul. Goloseevskaya, 17, as well as boutique Gallery 48 at ul. Antonovich, 48. Moreover, for the convenience of customers created a site, where you can order clothes anywhere in the world for free.

And for Ukrainian customers represented courier service free fitting in any place convenient for you.