The rules of business etiquette for jewelery

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Elegant tasteful jewelry has become in the business world fashion trend. With spectacular decoration woman can emphasize your individuality, turning an ordinary business suit in a harmonious element of the feminine image.

Beautiful high-quality jewelry does not concede outwardly expensive jewelry, while the price is much cheaper. The jewelry used is not as expensive alloys and metals, as well as zirconium and phianites, making an affordable price with high quality.

Business style, dictating strict rules allow, nevertheless, thanks to well-chosen accessories, look elegant and dressy.


Rules of selection of accessories for secular or business exit

1) Decorations should not be more than 3

Many did not hesitate to wear jewelry, guided only by the mood and preferences. However, this is not enough to go out. Therefore, the first and perhaps the most important rule for a lady: never wear more than 3 ornaments simultaneously. This engagement ring is already included in the top three. Among women, there was a fashion to wear for 1-2 rings on every finger. For a lady such behavior is unacceptable.2

2) Optics guard business image

Points – is, without exaggeration, a unique accessory that is able to radically change the image and emphasizes the individuality of any image. In addition, well-chosen points allow to give some solidity and at the same time – do not add extra years. Therefore, looking at the world proudly – through the stylish and fashionable sunglasses!


3) The young girl on a note

not expensive jewelry fit for young ladies female, including jewelry. Bold and effective compositions of ornaments, underlined not only the bright individuality, but also help create a unique image. However, young girls do not wear diamonds. An exception may be a plain ring with a small diamond on the ring finger of the left hand or the graceful earrings.

4) Evening and daytime decorations

Large sparkling stones, long, flashy earrings, wide bracelets or complex ornaments is best combined with the evening, festive attire, or intended for special events. By the way, about the length of the earring, it is considered that these earrings are suitable for women with a long neck and is particularly well those earrings-pendants are combined with smooth hair.


5) Вracelets, watches, necklaces, rings

Hands play an important role as a woman, so the choice of bracelets, chains, watches, and rings and rings, should be treated more carefully. As previously mentioned, the two rings on the finger – a sign of bad taste. On the one hand it is not necessary to wear at the same time watch and bracelet.


Bracelets stones should wear loose, casual pants to the wrist. But if the bracelet is decorated with a composition of stones or diamond, it should be pulled up higher and fix the arm.


6) About how to wear neck ornaments

Women’s neck – seductive and beautiful part of the body, which also requires a careful selection of jewelry and accessories. For a long neck is best to pick up the meek chains, necklaces and necklaces, and vice versa. In addition, the decoration (whether it is jewelry or jewelry) should not lie exactly on the neckline of the dress: either above or below. Also, do not wear multiple neck ornaments.

An exception may be cross, a chain which should be long, and the cross is hidden under clothing.