Red Dawn, river, lush meadow – the names of the collections? No, the top 10 colors 2017.

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Collections 2017 already reflect the new trends. These shades allow you to create a truly stylish images in which it is difficult to go unnoticed.

Aurora Red – Red Dawn. It transforms a woman, making it infinitely feminine, but at the same time, confident in its beauty. The palette of colors offered by such designers as – Alberta Ferretti, as well as brand-name clothing manufacturers Gucci and Blumarine, combines contradictions of the characters, creating a woman of modern times. It is swift and graceful, and causing tender, imperious and submissive.


Pantone Warm Taupe – warm, gray-brown. It would seem that completely neutral, but at the same time having its own character: it is dynamic and awakens the feminine force. The most common styles created in a range of colors, blur the line between the beginning male and female, combining them into one. Pantone Warm Taupe, Valentino and offered us a garment manufacturer for the beautiful ladies, world fame – Max Mara, could be the basis for the entire wardrobe. Pick him the details will have no difficulty.


Panront Lush Meadow – literally translated as the lush meadow. In memory of the outgoing summer, we offer modern and Mourer Roland brands Gucci and this gorgeous, intriguing hue. It emphasizes the eyes and the gentle glow of the female face, adds elegance and creates the effect of renewal and freshness. Excellent combined with a strict black and bright orange.


Dusty Cedar – «Dusty cedar.” It is very difficult playing dark pink with the illusion of drawing on it of dust, present us with western designers Paul Smith and Fausto Puglisi collection autumn – winter 2016. It can also be the basis of any outfit and is combined with any color scheme.


Potther’s Clay – clay for pottery business. The long-awaited Potther’s Clay, who are in a new collection of fashionable clothes brands such as Truussardi and of Tibi, and fashion designer Phillip Lim. It’s just amazing fall colors fit in any of the regions. He’s handsome, somewhat bold, but at the same time is neutral, so it can be easy to pick up additional details that will only emphasize the naturalness of it.


Bodacious – reckless. Passionate and giddy hit of the season autumn and winter 2016-2017 year, we offer fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and designer Zang Toi. Bodacious is not typical for the period, rainy autumn or winter blizzard, but it fits well into the environment. It goes well with boldly red, burgundy and hot pink tones. These fashionable colors of autumn and winter women inspire confidence, give them strength and originality.


Spicy Mustard – Spicy mustard. Fashion House Chloe and Max Mara in a new cool autumn-winter season acquaint us with an unexpected shade of yellow. It’s a bright spot on the palette of fashionable colors according to Pantone. Saucy and at the same time soft, it has a well-framed chocolate and gray. This year’s autumn and winter women will shine brighter than the sun itself.


Riverside – river. The basis of this new shade, which offer us a modern, fashion designers Zac Posen and Michael Kors, taken classical base color. It combines the dynamics and confidence, sensuality and cold calculation. It looks great with many additional hues and may well form the basis of the wardrobe.


Airy Blue – the air blue. Celestial color palette provided by the designers of the Italian fashion house of Fendi, as well as fashion designers such as Elie Saab, did not win one of the fairer sex in the autumn-winter period. Easy, weightless, glittering like frost on a winter tree branch. Airy Blue perfectly combined with Lush Meadow and Dusty Cedar.


Sharkskin – sharkskin. Color, by which it is difficult to pass, because it is easy to get along with all the trendy offerings Panton. No wonder modern designers and fashion designers such as Michael Kors, Zac Posen and not only drew their attention to it. Cold, gray and endlessly fashionable clothing color harmoniously coexists with any other colors of autumn – winter.




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